Coursing & Racing-Track

On the weekends between the shows, our dogs have much fun on the racing-track or coursing.... May 2010

a sunny day again on the racing-track !


all together.....

where is the bunny ???????

what a big place with different smells....hmmmmmm

pure fun ;o)))

what a great day.....and now we are very hungry....yummy-yummy !

September 2009

again one of some weekends on the racing-track - how funny ;o)

meet nice friends and waiting for starting the dogs....

checking the "rabbit" ;o)

now lets go ! *Andy* in action !!!

....good boy ;o)))

*Brush* and *Boy*......

*Alicia* is waiting for her "rabbit"......

yes, here it comes !! Yippie !! ;o) was again a great day full of fun and action !! Looking forward to the next time here ;o) Good bye "rabbit" !! April 2009

and another day on the racingplace.....all our dogs having fun running on the big place.... thank you for all the helping hands - specialy Family Dodan and Moni who makes also the lovely pictures !!!! ;o)

*Alfi* in action !!

*Alicia* and *Mindy*

*Mindy* and *Nelly* - best friends ;o)


*Mindy*, *Nelly* and 2 of the Kids....


....and again *Brush*......

.....makes controlling - where is this little flying thing ???

...ok, lets say "hello" to this girl who is called "Crazy"

mummy *Moesha* is surching for a relaxingplace ;o)

the kids also needs a little rest

ok, the time here was running....driving home and have some food after this long day

*Mindy* and *Moesha* likes to go with their friend Moni ;o)

so many people are helping to bring us to the we can have a nap till we arrive at home - we are sooooo tired !!!

we had much fun again on this place and we surely come again for playing here - yippie !! GOOD BYE !!! November 2008 

first time for our kids on the racing track - they had so much fun !! and also the adulds were happy to catch the bunny ;o)

*Alfi* - *Andy* - *Brush*


*Nelly* - "catch the bunny !!!"

*Mindy* is also very quick

*Moesha* our "racingqueen" ;o)))

2006 - the girls at coursing and also making training on the racing track ;o)

*Jennies* and *Moesha* at the coursing in Bratislava

*Moesha* with her friend *Ari*

*Mindy* with my parents......