10.10.2013  We celebrate 2 brandnew CHAMPIONS ! :-)

                    Have a look at the showsite for more infomations by clicking on the picture...




31.07.2013  *MINDY* (Ch. Absorba's On My Mind) got her 2nd Veteranwinner - have a look at the showsite...



16.06.2013  the pictures from our show-weekend are already online 

                    have a look at the show-site for pics and results by clicking on the photo below




09.06.2013  we had again a successful weekend :-) 

                      more informations coming soon.....



07.05.2013  pictures and results are on the pic for the showsite




05.05.2013  another nice weekend at the Clubshow in Castle Grafenegg - results and pictures are coming soon :-)




06.04.2013   we had a great day with our boys in Wieselburg ;-)

                     have a look at the "show-site" and click on the picture





26.03.2013    some new pictures of our photoshooting are online

                         click on the pic for more......





07.03.2013      ......another funny photoshooting ;-)

                            the theme was "at the hairdresser"

                           *Mindy* and the boys had a lot of fun - the pictures speaks for itselfs ;-)))) click on the pics for more....






06.03.2013     *BRUSH*  Ch. El Fumico Airbrush by Comment 

                       pictured at an austrian daily newspaper - moving on the catwalk ;-)

                       For the backstage pictures click on the pic !          






28.01.2013  new pics and a video of  *BRUSH* on his own on the pic

                       and some new photos at the *Snapshot*-site ........ enjoy ;-)             





18.01.2013   some new pics at the "Snapshot" on the picture for more




22.12.2012   wishing all our friends around the globe........





10.12.2012  new pictures of *BRUSH* Ch.El Fumico Airbrush by Comment - now 4,5 years old





03.10.2012   there are new pictures and results at the showsite - click on the picture



02.10.2012    .........and again we had a GREAT WEEKEND !! Showresults and pictures are coming soon ;o)




23.09.2012     What a successful weekend for Ch. EL FUMICO ANDREA BOCELLI !!! We celebrate a brandnew Champion ;o)

                         Click on the pic for the showsite and more informations......












21.07.2012    Our princess *Mindy* Ch. ABSORBA'S ON MY MIND turns 8 years today - now she is a veteran, but still a very athletic and healthy girl

                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,  little sweetheart !!






19.07.2012  A new picture of two litter-brothers - *Andy* and *Boy* - new showresults are on the picture







24.06.2012  OEKWZR-CLUBWINNER SHOW........we had a nice weekend - click on the picture for more news at the showsite







02.06.2012  time flies....the EL FUMICO A-litter is celebrating their 4th Birthday today.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come ;o)








21.05.2012  new stacked pics at *Jemima's* own on the picture







20.05.2012  a new picture of  our 9 month old pretty girl *Jemima*







06.05.2012     Sorry for a long time without updates

                         but we have great news in the meantime......

                NEW CHAMPION  *El Fumico Airbrush by Comment*

                       *Brush* finished his austrian title under wellknown judge Mr. Philippe Gallardo

                        and he got also the licence to be a stud dog.

                        Needless to say we are more than proud ;o)





24.12.2011  Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year to everybody !







01.11.2011  our new member has her own site - click on the picture







29.10.2011  after a longer break we have again news ;o) WELCOME little *Jemima* ! Infos and more pictures will follow soon !







22.06.2011  news at the showsite






14.06.2011  a new picture from JCh. EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS at the racing-track - thank's to his owner Detlef Paul ;o)







13.06.2011  some news at the showsite........






02.06.2011  HAPPY, HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to all EL FUMICO A-Kids !! Brush, Boy, Alicia, Andy, John (D'Artagnan), Alfie, Tonio & Cola ;o)







30.05.2011  We had a successful weekend at the OEKWZR-CLUBWINNER-SHOW ;o) click on the pic for more







29.05.2011  some news about EL FUMICO ANDREA BOCELLI - click on the picture for the showsite







27.05.2011  new showresults from JCh.EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS - have a look at the showsite







20.05.2011  sorry for a longer time without updates......the next updates with new showresults are coming soon !







21.03.2011    HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY, dear *NELLY* - Ch.Ornela Muti Gandamak








new pictures of *Boy* JCh.EL FUMICO ADDIDAS BOY - click on the pic for his own site







15.03.2011  new pictures at the showsite of *Boy* JCh.EL FUMICO ADDIDAS BOY







02.03.2011  The new show-season startet......shownews coming soon







21.12.2010  We wish all our friends and visitors of our website around the world....







17.12.2010  The EL FUMICO - GANG is looking if Santa Claus is coming........ ;o)))))) But there is a little bit time....






15.11.2010  we got some new pictures of beautiful *Andy* EL FUMICO ANDREA BOCELLI - enjoy ;o)





19.09.2010  another success for JCh. EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS - click on the picture....





17.09.2010  Sorry for a long time without the work is done ;o) Have a look at the showsite and click on the picture....





14.06.2010  What a weekend ;o) Double-CACIB-Show Klagenfurt - more pictures coming soon....






02.06.2010  OH HAPPY DAY ;o) ;o) ;o)






24.05.2010  again 2 new pictures of *Andy* EL FUMICO ANDREA BOCELLI on his own site





....and we had a wonderful sunny weekend at the racing-track - more pictures at "SNAPSHOTS"





16.05.2010  new pictures of JCh.EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS






13.05.2010  some new pictures on *Andy's* site - thank you Lucia and Thomas ;o)






09.05.2010  a sunny sunday at the on the pic for more






18.04.2010  *Andy* EL FUMICO ANDREA BOCELLI at the CACIB Show Maribor / SLO - click on the pic to see result and more pictures ;o)






12.04.2010  new headshots of *Brush* JCh. El Fumico Airbrush by Comment







01.03.2010  some new pics on andy's site - have a look and click on the pic






20.01.2010  very sad news....... 






23.12.2009  we wish all our visitors and friends a MERRY X-MAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!







08.12.2009  *Moesha* Ch. HILARY GANDAMAK back in the showring ;o) click on the pic for more







21.11.2009  some new shots of *Andy* EL FUMICO ANDREA BOCELLI .....






07.11.2009    *Alfie* JCh. EL FUMICO ALFA ROMEO DID IT AGAIN and is now the 5th JUNIORCHAMPION out of our A-LITTER ! ;o) click on the picture for more





04.11.2009  Shownews of *Alfie* EL FUMICO ALFA ROMEO - click on the picture






05.10.2009  Pictures and results of a GREAT weekend ! click on the picture for the showsite ;o)





04.10.2009  what a wonderful weekend ! more about it coming soon ;o)






21.09.2009  some pictures of one of our funny weekends on the racing-track - the dogs had a visit of "their rabbit" ;o) click on the pic for more....







17.09.2009  JCh. EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS the first time shown in intermadiate class - click on the pic for more





29.08.2009  a few days after *Alfie* EL FUMICO ALFA ROMEO arrived his new home,

                      he had his first show this weekend and won in a big competition ! click on the picture for the showsite...





28.08.2009  some snapshots during the hot summer at the on the pic and enjoy ;o)





25.08.2009  Shownews of El Fumico American on the picture





11.08.2009  Donaueschingen 2009 - have a look at the showsite for pictures and results





19.07.2009     ...and the next BEST OF JUNIOR ! EL FUMICO ADDIDAS BOY the first time in the showring !                 

                       More at the showsite....





07.07.2009  again Jun.BIS for JCh. EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS - for more click on the picture....





28.06.2009    and finaly there is another brag ;o) EL FUMICO ALFA ROMEO *ALFIE* - first time out in the                 

                        showrings ! Have a look at the show-site and click on the picture......






20.06.2009  and again great news at the on the picture !





04.06.2009  now the showsite is updated with photos and results of

                      JCh. EL FUMICO AMERICAN EXPRESS - click on the pic and have a look ;o)





02.06.2009  what a GREAT day today ;o)





31.05.2009  the 3rd boy with his new championtitle ;o) El Fumico American Express !! More about him soon......





28.05.2009  new pictures on the showsite from the Sighthoundfestival !!





17.05.2009  we have the first two Austrian Juniorchampions out of our A-Litter !! More to come soon.......





16.05.2009   JCh.Ornella Muti Gandamak *Nelly* won the Open Class at the CACIB Show Salzburg -

                       photos coming soon........ 11.05.2009  new pics of *Nelly* on her site





26.04.2009  we spent a nice time again on the racingplace - look what a funny day we had ;o)





06.04.2009  new pictures at the showsite ! click on the picture





04.04.2009  *Brush* did it again !! More Infos and pictures coming soon






29.03.2009  we made again some shots of *Boy* yesterday......





28.03.2009  again new pictures - *Andy* and *Alicia*






25.03.2009  new pictures of *Brush*, *Boy* and *Alfie* on their own sites





16.03.2009  2 new pictures on the showsite





09.03.2009  the showpictures are online - click on the pic





08.03.2009   WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND !! *Brush* and *Alicia* started the first time in Junior Class and both

                        got Best Junior in their classes and after that BEST of JUNIOR GROUP 1 + 2 !!!

                        *Nelly* got EX1, CAC and res.CACIB in the intermediate class

                         pictures are comming soon on the show-site.......





28.02.2009  some snapshots of our princess *Mindy* ;o)





...........and also some shots of *Alicia* 





...........and a new picture of El Fumico American Express on his own site





14.02.2009  Shownews from El Fumico American Express - check out the showsite





07.02.2009  2 new pics of *Brush* and *Alicia* with 8 month





24.01.2009  a warm day in january but very wet.....our dogs had much fun at the dogplace ;o)





18.01.2009   El Fumico American Express on his very first show - have a look on the showsite





15.01.2009  new pictures of *Brush*, *Andy* and *Alicia* - 7,5 month





06.01.2009   the very first snow !! how funny ;o)))